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About Us

Flirtation Creations was originally founded in South Africa in 1990. Working from a small, windowless garage filled with computers, silk screening and hot foiling machines. Flirtation Creations quickly became a viable business with paying clients. Appointments to show our work grew and we soon had several projects underway.

By the end of 1993, Flirtation Creations had grown to five designers. The company expanded to include Desk Top Publishing and Graphic design courses using CorelDRAW. Then in 1996 the directors moved to the United Kingdom. Flirtation Creations in South Africa was sold and Flirtation Creations Ltd a UK based company was born.

Flirtation Creations grew in the United Kingdom and in 1997, we stepped into the Internet by building a website for ourselves. Our clients were impressed and website development soon became a large part of our business. We found that a well-designed message, communicated consistently through printed materials and on the World-Wide-Web, was highly effective. Creating a powerful synergy through image design, print design and website development became our primary focus.

Another country move in 2004 facilitated the expansion of the company to include Flirtation Creations Inc incorporated in 2005 and based in Massachusettes, USA. Offering the same solutions as it's UK counterpart.

Today, Flirtation Creations continues to embrace new concepts, technology and emparting our ability with our clients. In 2006 Social Networking Consulting was added as a service and in 2009 iPhone and iPod Application Development was added to the services offered.

We remain committed to the creation of compelling, visual-communication and design solutions that are effective, aesthetic and thought provoking. Wherever the future leads, we'll be there, working smarlty and effeciently for our clients.




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