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iPhone Apps


iPhone App Development

The expert team of developers at Flirtation Creations can create iPhone applications that look and behave identically to the applications built into iPhone, and also provide seamless integration with iPhone applications and services together with making a phone call, sending an email, and displaying a location in Google Maps.

iPhone mobile software development

For iPhone mobile software development, Flirtation Creations is one of the best resources. Our iPhone application developers/ programmers provide a complete and integrated process for developing, debugging, and distributing your free, commercial, or in-house applications for iPhone and iPod touch. Complete with development resources, real-world testing on iPhone, and distribution on the App Store, you have everything from us you that need to go from code to customer.

Here are a few areas in which iPhone applications can be developed:

  • Games
  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Search tools
  • Social networking and its integration
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Weather
  • Utilities
  • Productivity


Being involved in the development industry for the past twenty years, Flirtation Creations continues to embrace new technology and implement it for us and our clients. Flirtation Creations caters to its customers around the world for iPhone development. Since the inception of the iPhone development program (iPhone SDK) by Apple Inc. over a year ago, Flirtation Creations has developed a range of applications.




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