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Web - Web Site Design and Hosting

The Internet has become the dominant medium for communication and commerce in our globally interconnected world. As users have become more discerning, quality design and information architecture are more critical than ever to the success of your business.

Our website design and development team us expert in the production of cutting-edge website and we provide high-quality hosting to ensure that your site is effective and always online.

Our Web development services include:

  • Site planning and architecture
  • User interface design
  • Graphics production
  • Effective Web copy writing
  • HTML, DHTML and XHTML coding
  • Flash and Shockwave multimedia development
  • JavaScript programming
  • Database programming (MySQL and Access)
  • Server-side scripting (PERL, PHP and ASP)
  • Ecommerce development and strategy
  • Intelligent search engine indexing
  • Log file analysis
  • High-performance, scalable website hosting

A typical Web site development project proceeds in six phases:

  1. Research is the key to creating a successful online presence. During this phase, key decision makers are interviewed. Scope of work, competition, market position, target audience and lines of business are discussed and the comprehensive plan and marketing challenges are carefully reviewed.
  2. Strategy Development and Planning is essential to establishing emphasis, and goals for the project. Basic site architecture is established, schedules and budgets are refined and essential resources are defined.
  3. Design Development is the process of exploring viable visual solutions compatible with the brand, the goals of the project and the client. Through innovation and refinement a solution is developed and adapted to fit page variations within the site.
  4. Implementation is the process of bringing full functionality to the established design and site architecture. Visual elements are optimized and final tsext is established. The site is assembled with appropriate programming.
  5. Installation is complete when the Web site is fully functional and accessible on the Internet at the address specified. Client is trained where necessary.
  6. Follow-up services are essential to drive web traffic to any new Web site. The new site is registered with the major search engines and a baseline log file analysis is executed. Monitoring and maintenance are ongoing as needed.


The result of this process is a custom, communications instrument designed to give the exact impression desired and to accurately communicate the client's message for optimum effect. Our sites are designed to be flexible, scalable and easily updated. Complete files are stored on duplicate records in separate locations.




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